The SEO Instinct 19

It’s here…the little content strategy oriented SEO book that will eventually change how many people think about SEO. SEOs have known it was coming even though most of them probably have never heard of my name. Content-driven SEO was destined to arrive on the shores of the New SEO World. This New SEO World is the one we all wanted. And here is a book that guides the path.

Burger King’s PR Jedi Mind Trick 3


People all over linkedIn and AdWeek are ooh-ing and aww-ing in shock and disbelief at what is in fact not thinkable. Burger King’s name change to “Fries King”, reported so devilishly/ambiguously by AdWeek and other (cohort?) online journals is actually an ambiguously reported, under-researched, hugely successful Jedi mind trick level PR stunt meant for rapid and widespread […]

Nothing wrong with free links


Trying to build a successful site? SEO can be a big boost. But how do you get the inbound links necessary to make it successful? Easy: ask for free links or just ask an SEO expert from Home Service Direct for them.

That’s scary, I know, but SEO isn’t a zero-sum game. Offering a link to […]

Why you? 2

Why should customers buy from you? That’s your unique selling point which (if it’s what your customer wants) will lead to successful sales. So what’s the answer?
Are you the cheapest? Be careful because that’s the easiest to undercut. Just look at how successful Walmart has been–it’s difficult to be less expensive than a multinational corporation […]

The sales process, deconstructed 2

There’s an old adage in the newspaper industry that the job of the headline is to get readers to look at the first sentence of the article. The first sentence gets readers to the second sentence and the second sentence gets them to read the rest of the story. It’s reductionist and a bit joking […]

Talk to your customers! 3

Why do your customers buy from you?
It’s easy to assume that they see things the way you do but in fact, that’s often not the case. You might think that a product’s features are the key reason someone buys your product but they might just see you as the most reliable option. In general, customers […]

How to implement lean advertising 2

Last week, we talked about why it’s important to take a lean approach to advertising, testing different approaches to see what works. But how do you put it into practice?
Under the Build-Measure-Learn cycle, companies start with an idea and then build something to see if they can make it work. While that’s more obvious with […]

An Intro to Lean Advertising 1

Eric Ries’ Lean Startup claims to be a scientific approach to creating a new business. In the Lean Startup philosophy, companies quickly build the minimum viable product based on their ideas, release the product and measure the response, figure out what works and doesn’t, and then uses that to create the next version. Ries calls […]

Get in the News with Google AdWords 4


How do you get your product here? Google AdWords, of course.
Now, AdWords might not be able to get you a front-page story in the Times, but you can be sure that when the media mentions something related to your business, your ads will appear next to the news story.
For this, you’ll be going to use […]

Keep your enemies closer

Remarketing: Staying in Mind Post-Click 3

Once someone’s visited your site, don’t give up on them. Even if they didn’t buy whatever you’re selling, they still might in the future. And using Google AdWords, you can advertise specifically to people who have visited your site, even if they haven’t yet become customers.
Remarketing puts a small bit of code from Google Analytics […]