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16 Tips for Using Twitter Wisely

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16 Tips for Using Twitter Wisely

Posted 3/26/2010

by Mark Brimm

Partner & Director of Digital Marketing at Interface Communications Group

Co-Author & Editor for's AdWords University: The Complete Guide to AdWords


Tweet as if everyone were watching. Twitter is a bandwidth-busting wonderland for many who need to network but have limited time. Now we can just whip out the smart phone and it becomes a breeze. To be taken seriously on Twitter, however, newbies (and others) on Twitter should consider a few things...
Tweet as if everyone were watching.  




Twitter is a gateway social media tool

You can start with Twitter and then branch out to every other tool available. They typically work with Twitter and will tie into your account, which most people seem to like. I know I do. Twitter is a good place to start, and you'll need to establish a personal knowledge of best practices. Practicing being who you really are is good practice for the other tools. It's also a good place to perfect who you really are, as good a place as any


Twitter is surface networking

Your network on Twitter may not be deep, but it is a place to surface network beyond what may be possible on a more professional tool like LinkedIn or a more personal one like Facebook.



Show some face

Showing face" on Twitter allows you to show people something of what kind of a person you are. Perfect or not, your photo shows something that a business name and logo just won't. Even if you do a business logo or alternative image on some profiles, try to keep it real on the personal profile.



Your name

Using your real name does not mean you have to also give out your coordinates on Google Maps. Be real, but use common sense. But use your name on your personal profile.



Your profile blurb

Be personable, but focused on your interests, as well as your professional occupation or public persona. It's not just tweeting, it's connecting with the public at large.



Your profile link

Link to whatever you would like most to promote from your Twitter profile. If you’re a consultant, why not your website? If you're a blogger, why not your blog?



Your profile background

Choose a personal one from or any of the other sites online that offer it. Twitter has the tools to redesign your background, as well. They're pretty nifty. The best backgrounds, however, are those designed right from your own PC. Never use copyrighted material and logos of existing companies.



Tweet what matters to you

One reason is that the words you use will be treated as a bundle of keywords by those using tools to search out potential profiles to follow. Relax, you're not being stalked, but you should watch the words that you tweet, all the same. Word of advice: do NOT tweet the words "fat" "eat" or "diet", unless you like 50 people following you and then unfollowing you the very next day. That can really play with your self-esteem and skew how you guage the reception of your tweets.




Twitter now has a special unit devoted to combating spam. This means that aggressive use of your allotted API may be hurting you in ways not immediately apparent in the moment. It's okay to use following and unfollowing tools, especially within the stated parameters that Twitter publishes, just don't be tempted to go beyond that.





Tweeting your location and other personal information: Like chat, Twitter is not the place to broadcast that you are now leaving your house. Don't tell people when the best time to rob you is. Set location on or off intentionally, and keep personal safty issues within view. No tweets about where junior goes to elementary, etc.




Using HootSuite to schedule tweets

If you tweet to promote your business, or just want to keep your network more engaged over the course of the day. You can also use it to announce blog posts and encourage participation, but remember that you need to be available to engage people or they will consider you a "bot".



Use TweetDeck or Seesmic

Use either of these tools to link your smart phone texting to your Twitter account. This allows you to engage more without being in front of a PC or distracting your boss at work. Just kidding, you'll never use Twitter at WORK...ahem.



Be discreet and polite

Some are tempted to use Twitter as a method of humiliating people. Those people risk not only their followings but their jobs, even their relations with their own family and friends! A joke or poke can carry far into the reaches of cyberspace and come back to bite you. Don't fool around with social media, and don't make enemies indiscriminately. If you complain about something, expect someone to respond. Companies and other organizations are most definitely listening when you use their names.



Delete the tweets that don't make sense to you

Review your tweets now and then. Once a month is not bad. Maybe even once a week. If it looks weird to you, chances are it is. Delete it and be done with it.


Retweet (RT) only the tweets that appeal to you as valuable

The reasons are twofold: A) This brings to you people who appreciate the things you do, or have some active interest in relation to them. What you're presumably here for. B) It allows you to gain some credit with those who are thankful for the exposure. Just don't RT random gossip or a conversation that seems highly personal.


Have fun!

Nobody is on Twitter to be bored stiff. They're there to network, meet interesting people, customers or partners, even to while away the time. Part of the game is to just cut loose a little within the same parameters you might if you were at a company social. There is one exception to the company social simile, however: don't drink and tweet. Keep it in the holster for when it's a respectable time and situation to be tweeting to an audience of millions. Even sports stars and rappers get into trouble for this...just don't do it. Anyone can be listening, and they can always check through your previous tweets. Such is the tabloidesque, gossiping nature of the Tweetosphere.



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