The Perfect Response to Objections

by Justin McCullough on November 19, 2010

Why Being a "Go-Giver" is a Worthwhile Concept

To anyone who has ever read the book The Go-Giver (Burg & Mann) they know there is a section where Debra Davenport, Realtor newbie turned superstar is talking about her first year of real estate sales and all the sales training she received. In the book, Debra has a riff and names a closing technique for ever letter of the alphabet ranging from “the compliment close”, “the take-away close”, and the “Zsa Zsa Gabor close “.

Now, this post isn’t about closing techniques, but it illustrates the point that new sales people are trained on technique – a technique for everything – and this can be a huge mistake in sales. Debra goes on to say with all that sales training, she wasn’t able to ‘close’ anything for nearly a year – until she finally gave up on sales and focused on being a person, making a personal connection.

In today’s video, I talk about the simple, most effective rebuttal / objection handling response I’ve ever used in sales. I don’t say this in the video, but the point in a response like this is to actually care about the answer, the person’s experience, and the true nature of where they are coming from.

So what are your thoughts?
Do you have the perfect response?

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