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Publishing digital internet marketing books for a digital age of 3G, our writers’ and editors’ backgrounds in search marketing birthed a consulting firm and then took on a publishing arm to produce quality books on internet marketing topics.

Empower Consulting

Most of our readers are consultants, probably just like you. Get the tools and continuing training in AdWords cmapaign management with AdWords University series.

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Quickly and painlessly gain mastery in creating, managing and refineing high-performance, ROI-growing AdWords campaigns! Enhance MarCom interactive media functions.

Continuing Relevance

We update our books regularly to provide the best, most accurate guides on the market. Our guides avoid the short-term gimmicks which can harm your PPC campaigns over time.

Wide Availability

Our ebooks are now available on a growing number of websites and electronic formats, including standard PDF, Amazone Kindle and MobiPocket.


What readers are saying about our AdWords Ebook series…

“Adwords University teaches the ABCs of making money with Google Adwords. On the surface, Adwords seems simple enough, but success with Adwords is anything but simple. Finally here is a book which unlocks Adwords’ secrets in a step by step manner!
— Ron Geskey, Author of Thumbnail Media Planner & former numbers cruncher for Leo Burnett & D’Arcy and D’Arcy

“…the authors show you that doing all this is actually really easy once you learn how to get the priorities straight. You’ll spend less time on AdWords, probably spend less money (although I’ve actually started to spend more since my ROI is much higher), and show better results. And if you’re new to AdWords getting the complete course is really great because you’ll learn just about everything you need to know from keyword research to improving ROI… and that means that when you’re done will probably know more than 99% of your competitors.
— Jeff Haden, President of BlackBird Media, Inc.