Mark Brimm

Mark Brimm

Mark is Editor-in-Chief at, Partner and Director of Digital Marketing at Houston, TX agency and their imprint site, SocialLabsMedia.

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Will ReichardWill Reichard

Will is Senior VP of Communications at the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce (NM) and advocate of responsible social media PR communications.

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JC Hewitt

JC is a freelance consultant specializing in startup finance planning and a zealous Wall Street junkie. JC lis based out of Brookland, NY.

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Justin McCullough

Justin is Sales Editor at, Director of Business Development at Pediment Publishing and a President at Turning Minds Media Inc. He resides in Beaumont, TX.

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Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein

Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein, Social Media WriterMichael is a freelance social media and marketing writer. Michael started in political campaigns and has since branched out to the wide world of marketing and consulting.

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 Stephen Moss

Born in another era long before his own, Stephen Moss is a master of disguise and coming off a long career as a famous dead author, became a fulltime AdWords campaign manager at in the spooky year 2000.  Ask him about his homicidal cat, Frank. He hates that cat. No, on second thought, just ask him about AdWords campaigns. Stephen co-authored AdWords University with Mark Brimm.

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