Will Reichard

Will ReichardWill Reichard is an author and contributing editor at Marcana.com, has an MBA from the University of Mexico and is currently Senior VP of Marketing, Communications and Advertising at the Great Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce of New Mexico. He is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma.
Among his varied work experiences, Will has worked as an editor with a Pulitzer Prize-winning daily newspaper and has consulted United Way of Central New Mexico, among many other exciting assignments.


Will previously consulted for a wide range of clients via CrossCut Communications, and has become a sought-after speaker and adviser on the field of social media and business, a role in which he enjoys applying his bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology. He writes a blog on social media, public relations, marketing and technology and was recently invited to be a panelist on personal branding at the prestigious Crittenden National Conference. He is also an award-winning writer who has been published in outlets including Innovation: America’s Journal of Technology Commercialization.