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AdWords Ebooks - AdWords University ebook, AdWords 101, AdWords 201, AdWords 301

Our AdWords Series

Educate self and staff with these great learning courses! Perfect for consultants and marcom directors, marketing and advertising agency owners and entrepreneurs!
AdWords 101: A Guide for Beginners
AdWords 101: A Guide for Beginners will take anyone with zero AdWords knowledge and allow them to start using AdWords and managing their very own campaign with confidence.
AdWords 201: An Intermediate Guide
AdWords 201: A Guide for Beginners takes the beginner to the next stage in their AdWords repitoire. Create and amanage multiple campaigns and learn improved startegies for maximizing ROI.
AdWords 301: An Advanced Guide
AdWords 101: A Guide for Beginners allows intermediate-level users to graduate to the Advanced level. Master keyword bidding issues, streamline keyword strategies and make your campaigns leaner.
AdWords University: The Complete Guide
Now you can get all three of our 101, 201 and 301 ebooks in a single convenient volume! Learn how to manage your own campaign or consult and manage client AdWords campaigns in shorter time.
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"Adwords University teaches the ABCs of making money with Google Adwords. On the surface, Adwords seems simple enough, but success with Adwords is anything but simple. Finally here is a book which unlocks Adwords' secrets in a step by step manner! "


-- Ron Geskey

Author of Thumbnail Media Planner & former numbers cruncher for Leo Burnett & D'Arcy and D'Arcy

"...the authors show you that doing all this is actually really easy once you learn how to get the priorities straight.You'll spend less time on AdWords, probabl spend less money (although I've actually started to spend more since my ROI is much highyer), and show better results. And if you're new to AdWords getting the complete course is really great because you'll learn just about everything you need to know from keyword research to improving ROI... and that means that when you're done will probably know more than 99% of your competitors. "


-- Jeff Haden

President of BlackBird Media, Inc.