Care About Your Landing Page 2

You don’t want your visitors are landing in the wrong place.

When you’re advertising online, what’s the most important factor in converting viewers into buyers? Probably the landing page. That’s the page someone ends up on after clicking your ad. And if the landing page doesn’t convince someone to buy the product, sign up for your email list, or whatever you want someone to do, you’ve just wasted your money. Make sure you avoid beginners’ mistakes.

The number one mistake: using your website’s home page.

The biggest mistake advertisers make is to use their website home page as the landing page for the ad. If your business has several products and someone clicks on an ad about one product, then you want them to see that product. If a visitor clicks the ad and end up on the site home page, they might be confused, unable to find what they are looking for, and leave. The money you paid for the click is now down the drain.

Mistake number two: not customizing your page.

Your ad is about a specific use for your product: for instance, suggesting customers buy a shovel for snow. Even if that shovel can be used for digging a hole in the ground, you want to be sure your customers understand the shovel is good for snow. Making that clear is important. Might not be the most exciting writing but your customers need that information to make a good buying decision.

Mistake number three: including other things on the page

It’s a natural mistake beginning advertisers and small business people make. If someone isn’t going to buy this product, maybe they will buy something else, so lets include that. But it’s a mistake. That distracts potential customers from what you actually want. Focus on selling one particular product so that your customers buy it. If there are multiple different options for the product (such as different pricing levels or add-ons), include those, but make sure that they work to selling your product and not distracting them. That’ll help sell your products and make your ads effective.

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