Remarketing: Staying in Mind Post-Click 3

Keep your enemies closer

And keep your prospects even closer.

Once someone’s visited your site, don’t give up on them. Even if they didn’t buy whatever you’re selling, they still might in the future. And using Google AdWords, you can advertise specifically to people who have visited your site, even if they haven’t yet become customers.

Remarketing puts a small bit of code from Google Analytics to track anyone who goes to your site. Then, using AdWords, you can advertise to those people until they do go back to your site and do end up on the confirmation page. Get a Coming Soon Banner or promote your sales in another way. This can be a huge way to reel in new customers.

You can set it up by going between Analytics and AdWords. First, go to AdWords and select Google Analytics from the Tools and Analysis menu. That’ll allow you to link your Analytics and AdWords accounts. Then, in Analytics, go to the Admin tab, and choose Remarketing Lists. Create a new one. Then, from AdWords, create new display ads matched up against the remarketing list.

You can also do more advanced remarketing based on specific pages, for instance anyone who clicked on a specific product page but didn’t choose to buy that product. One good way to advertise is by having ads that specifically address common worries or pain points. For instance, if you have a money-back guarantee on your product, including that in the remarketing ad is a great way to lure people back to your site to buy what you’re selling.

Remarketing should be part of an larger marketing strategy. First, search ads (or even display ads if those work for your business) bring visitors to the site. Purchasers give their email when they buy from you and you can then email them news and deals to get them to become regular customers. People who don’t buy then get remarketing ads with special offers in order to convert them into purchasers. That’ll make the most of your advertising dollars and help you turn a small early investment in AdWords into a repeat customer who keeps your business going because of their high lifetime value.

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