Turn! Turn! Turn! (Your Adwords) 1

The Byrds’ words describe how every activity has an appropriate time. The same is true for your advertising.

This isn’t news to traditional advertising; they regularly run special ads for different times of the year. Supermarkets tout their turkeys before Thanksgiving and hams for Christmas. Many stores advertise back to school sales at the end of August and the beginning of September when students and their families are looking to stock up on supplies. Your ads should change depending on the time of year.

Let’s say you own a website selling jewelry. You might place an ad for “gifts for women” and talk about birthday presents. From mid-November until the end of December, however, you might want to change the ad to proclaim why your jewelry makes great Christmas gifts. These better ads can result in more customers.

If your business doesn’t have an obvious seasonal variation, you can still do special ads that might help bring new people in the door. A French restaurant could run ads for a Bastille Day promotion, for example. Or vary it up when news hits. If you have a blog about using Facebook and Facebook serves up a new feature, advertise your blog as the guide to feature X. There’s always something going on that you can take advantage of. Just remember that to everything there is a season.

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