What’s the Personality of Your Ad? 4

Do your friends all cringe when they see your profile icon on their screens?

An ad found running on an iPad recently said:

Every ad has a personality, a tone of voice. Some ads scream, “Get a free iPad!!!!!” Others are more quiet and understated: “Compare tablet computers.” What is your ad saying? And is that the right persona for your customers?

Think about your own image and how it is represented on your website. If your website hawks discounted electronics, your ads should focus on that, rather than making it seem like you sell luxury goods. If you do sell luxury goods, make sure your ads are slick and professional. The transition from ad to website should be seamless, rather than seeming disconnected. If there is a big shift in emphasis or tone, potential customers might think the link was wrong and leave.

In addition to your own website, how do your ads mesh with what customers are looking for? Is your tone appealing to them? Managers wouldn’t trust Salesforce or other B2B sites if their ads looked and sounded like the ads offering computers at steep discounts. Any field also has its own language and jargon; are you using the same jargon? If your customers talk about “SMBE CRM Software,” use that, rather than “Small and Medium Business Enterprise Customer Relations Management Software.” Think about the message they would be receptive to, how your business communicates offline and on its website, and craft your ads to match that.

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  • Great points here about the “personality” of ads. The same is true of marketing, of course. Personality of your message and your brand are often the reasons a customer decides on buying from you instead of from a competitor. No, it’s not just price and features. Figure out who your customers are and how to communicate with them. That”s how to tailor your message. Thanks so much for sharing this post with the BizSugar community.

    • Agreed. Some things really are about simplifying. Thanks for the insightful comment, Heather!

  • Daniel

    In my opinion as a customer the “Get a free iPad!!!!!” method/saying kind of keeps people away from the product since there’s actually no free meals in the 21st century. It’s always something to do with making monthly payments or something like that. I prefer to keep away from the ads with an agressive tone like this, but maybe that’s just me.

  • JasonHunston

    I fully agree to what Daniel said. These “get things for free” advertisements are really over-pushed and I belive, that many people won’t even bother opening them since they seem so fake.