Why Your Guru Sucks 4

Your favorite biz strategy gurus are cooking up a recipe for mediocrity.

You wanna know why?

1) No vision.
2) No balls.
3) No heart.

No vision

Because he/she doesn’t encourage any progress to a better world
Because he/she isn’t interested in how other people live outside his or her tiny little insulated bubble of temporary comfort.
Because he/she will never really put their weight behind anything worth a damn to anybody else who needs anything.

No balls

For not even trying to.

No heart

For not caring about it.

Changing the world may not be at the top of your list of things to do in order to be a success in business. But to be an out of control success (and isn’t that what we should aim for?), we’ll have to be something beyond the status quo. That means screw short-term profits. Screw what your favorite guru says to the contrary. In fact, screw your guru.

Changing the world means making it different, for the better. Making a positive difference in people’s lives. Earning that lifestyle you want by doing so.

I don’t ask that you love this post. I don’t ask that you be thrilled with me. I’m only asking you to stop, and think. If you’re not currently engaged in changing the world for the better via what you do, it won’t mean squat in 100 years, 50 years, or even 1 year to anybody else, including you and the guru(s) that advised you to be mediocre in the first place. And while that may not make you lose sleep at night…it really ought to.

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Mark BrimmMark Brimm is Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Marcana.com and is author of AdWords University: The Complete Guide to AdWords and other previous related books on search marketing. He is currently working on a forthcoming book on social media strategy.

Mark consults on SEO & SEM, general web marketing and social media at Interface Communications Group where he is Partner and Director of Digital Marketing. Some of his specialties include SEO (search engine optimization), social media optimization (SMO), as well as PR campaign concepts, marketing plans and general web marketing related project management.

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Mark Brimm is President of 123interface.com, the Founder of Marcana.com, and runs a personal blog on social media, marketing and entrepreneurship at MarkBrimm.com. He also runs a blog on SEO & SEM at SEMinsider.com.

  • Dearest Mark… I would love this post but Facebook only gives me the option to like it so I did. “Everywoman” is thrilled with you, as well. I don’t need to stop and think too hard here because it something I’ve been grappling with as I start my consulting/coaching practice. It’s not clear to me whether you are referring purely to social media gurus or to every other kind but, as is so often the case with posts on this blog, it ought to be the latter.

    I find myself disheartened, as of late, seeing business people ignore the above advice, even when I’m relatively certain they aren’t as mercenary as all that. The bottom line is that if you are going to put yourself ahead of everyone else at all times and don’t care enough to give people the time of day because you can’t see what’s in it for you, well, then your business deserves to fail.

    Marketing is not selling (or at least it shouldn’t be) and if you can’t treat people properly then your reputation will precede you accordingly. The best marketing is to show your core values. It is clear that yours are to be admired!

    • I value your praise, Marlita! 🙂 It really is biz strategy and social media marketing gurus I’m targeting at the same time here, since in social media forums things tend to get mashed up into hyper-speed terms where meme-creating marketing and business strategy become unified into a idealized buzzing viral beast. I just keep seeing all the bright, amazing human beings getting sucked into the meat grinder of social media and coming out completely droned and flattened of visionary elements that they seemed to have before–as if the cornerstone of their business model can be handed to them on a platter, when it just can’t. That part HAS to come from the entrepreneur. Maybe it’s the business culture that’s arising on social media forums, which is a sort of mix of old school spam marketing and the new school “whatever takes” approach. Truth is, most social media gurus and business strategy guides are telling people to suck and they’re taking the advice en masse at this point. I wanna throw thought-grenades into the home offices of the victims of these gurus to destroy this cloning mindset in chunks if I can, or even if I can’t. It never worked for me, and I don’t think it really works for anyone else in the longterm either.

      I saw The Social Network just last night. As Will Reichard remarked recently, I, too, saw it as a pretty straight-forward movie with very decent production quality (script, acting, narrative elements). I enjoyed it. It was gripping. Not uplifting or truly inspiring for me personally, but gripping. And while I’m not a big Zuckerberg fan for several very sound reasons which the spin and hype of the script can’t really gloss over, I respect that at least in his own crappy little way, he didn’t listen to the pointlessly limiting and “brass tax” advice of strategy gurus saying what won’t work and what you “have” to do.

      For Zuckerberg, I’d give him half points on #1 of the above 3 suck signs, full points for number 2 in his limited vision, and almost nothing for #3.

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