Why Your Guru Sucks 4

Your favorite biz strategy gurus are cooking up a recipe for mediocrity.

You wanna know why?

1) No vision.
2) No balls.
3) No heart.

No vision

Because he/she doesn’t encourage any progress to a better world
Because he/she isn’t interested in how other people live outside his or her tiny little insulated bubble of temporary comfort.
Because he/she will never really put their weight behind anything worth a damn to anybody else who needs anything.

No balls

For not even trying to.

No heart

For not caring about it.

Changing the world may not be at the top of your list of things to do in order to be a success in business. But to be an out of control success (and isn’t that what we should aim for?), we’ll have to be something beyond the status quo. That means screw short-term profits. Screw what your favorite guru says to the contrary. In fact, screw your guru.

Changing the world means making it different, for the better. Making a positive difference in people’s lives. Earning that lifestyle you want by doing so.

I don’t ask that you love this post. I don’t ask that you be thrilled with me. I’m only asking you to stop, and think. If you’re not currently engaged in changing the world for the better via what you do, it won’t mean squat in 100 years, 50 years, or even 1 year to anybody else, including you and the guru(s) that advised you to be mediocre in the first place. And while that may not make you lose sleep at night…it really ought to.

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