Get in the News with Google AdWords 4

How do you get your product here? Google AdWords, of course.

Now, AdWords might not be able to get you a front-page story in the Times, but you can be sure that when the media mentions something related to your business, your ads will appear next to the news story.

For this, you’ll be going to use the Display Network.

In a Display ads campaign, go to the Display Network tab and choose “Change display targeting.” You’ll need to set the ad group you want to use, and that controls the ads to show. Then, you have two options:

1. If you aren’t expecting a specific news story, enter display keywords. Choose not just words directly related to your business but also terms that might make someone think of buying your product. For instance, if you’re selling a line of kitchen knives, you’ll want to include not just the standard words like “knives” or “cooking” but also keywords such as steak. If someone is reading about steak, for instance a recipe, they might realize that they need good knives and would buy your product. You can also target based on topic as well.

2. If you know a story is going to come out, you can target specific websites. Use the Placements and you can select the website the news story will be on. For instance, if a specific blog that has Google ads is going to write an article about your product (or a competitor!), you can run ads on that site. You can also use Placements to select specific sites to advertise on (or to select sites you don’t want your ad on).

These methods will ensure that when there’s news you can take advantage of, your ads will be there for you.

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