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Use Social Media to Focus on Your True Fans

Use Social Media to Focus on Your True Fans

It’s okay if not everyone buys your product or agrees with your idea. Kevin Kelly suggested that many artists need only 1000 true fans to be able to make a living. The same is true about your work. America is a big place, and not everyone is going to appreciate what you make. Instead, use social media to find the people who are your true fans and communicate with them.

You are able to make a big profit on just those the people who appreciate your work and value it. People who fan Bing on Facebook are 55% more likely to use Bing than the average internet user. Even friends of Bing fans are affected, and are 33% more likely to use Bing than the average user. This is the same strategy that the craft brewery Dogfish Head follows. They make “off-centered” beers that maybe only 25% of beer drinkers might ever buy. But rather than worry about the other 75%, they focus on pleasing the people who do like their beer.

It works for the other end of the Ladder of Engagement as well. There will be some number of people who do become customers. Far fewer will become repeat customers or bother to comment on your work. A tiny portion will like your Facebook page or follow your tweets. Even within that group, only a few will tell all their friends about your business. It might seem like a tiny group, but don’t worry. You don’t need all of them, just your thousand true fans. And if you can get some lukewarm supporters to join those thousand true fans, all the beter.

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