Mobile Conversion Optimization? 3

The new face of last minute holiday shopping?


Mobile conversion optimization.

Never heard of it? Well, SocialLabsMedia is doing it. And the fate of your business may depend upon it. So…what is it?

Well, let’s break it down. Mobile conversions are obviously website conversions that happen on a mobile version of a company’s website, usually after landing on said website via either organic search results, social media shares, or mobile ads. That was so obvious, wasn’t it?

So mobile conversion optimization (or “MCO”) is when a marketing team skilled in social media optimization, usability optimization, conversion analytics tools and webdev savvy, takes a website and creates the potential to convert mobile visitors into desired actions–most notably on smart phones.

The typical net surfer is swinging over into the mobile camp at a radical velocity. Uber-smart-phones and wonder-tablets have made this an unexpected reality. So what’s happening to PC-originating web traffic? Well, it’s likely to hit a sharp decline. In fact, many sites have already taken note. 2012 is likely to be the year the consumer web goes somewhere around 75% ┬ámobile, leaving PC surfers a distinct minority.

Don’t get me wrong, people will still be accessing the web via their PC’s at work and home, but sitting in the home office is going to become a lot less attractive to people going forward when they can do the same things from their iPhone or Droid mobile phone. It’s just too easy to write blog posts, shop for products and services, download media instantly, and cheaper than ever.

Mobile Ecommerce will arise as a mega-force in what seems to be a shift in watching media on mobile devices. Mobile conversion optimization is going to be the main way that websites make the leap to mobile Ecommerce. And while tablet users still share the same version of your site as PC users, that may likely change as tablet usage develops and trends become more obvious. Notably smaller screens than your average small laptop, plus less attention-span equals another user interface model on the horizon for tablets, as well.

Lessons? Well, if you have an Ecommerce site, or even a services site, you really need to get mobilized┬ábefore your competition leaves you behind in the pixie dust. I have more predictions for the fate of the PC, but let’s leave that for another post…


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