Burger King’s PR Jedi Mind Trick 3


People all over linkedIn and AdWeek are ooh-ing and aww-ing in shock and disbelief at what is in fact not thinkable. Burger King’s name change to “Fries King”, reported so devilishly/ambiguously by AdWeek and other (cohort?) online journals is actually an ambiguously reported, under-researched, hugely successful Jedi mind trick level PR stunt meant for rapid and widespread social media dissemination. And they seem to be getting just that. I’d love to see the analytics numbers on their site and profiles as a result of this.

Did they get you, too? Fun PR campaign, you have to admit. Now I am totally curious about those as-yet-untried “Satisfries”…

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  • I’d love to hear what you think about Burger King’s fake-out campaign. Thoughts?

  • Bleh. I don’t think it plays well. It’s playful, sure, but also seems to be too much stunt not enough magic.

  • True, it is stunt-heavy and lacks depth. Changing the sign on one of their locations was a nice touch, though. I was amazed at how many people are falling for the gag…I wouldn’t be surprised to see BK’s have some kind of extension nation-wide in-store. Then again, how much depth can a BK campaign have? Seems to hinge on the gut reaction to the smell/word “french fries”.