Nothing wrong with free links


Trying to build a successful site? SEO can be a big boost. But how do you get the inbound links necessary to make it successful? Easy: ask for free links or just ask an SEO expert from Home Service Direct for them.

That’s scary, I know, but SEO isn’t a zero-sum game. Offering a link to another site doesn’t hurt you, and vice versa. It’s also important to remember–most site owners aren’t thinking much about SEO. So don’t frame it as being about SEO. Instead, suggest it as a way to get people to your site so that they can find out more information.

But how do you find these opportunities?

Websites about your topic. Are you a small business in Nashville? Reach out to websites about Nashville. You might even be able to get a blog to write a profile of you and get people to check out your site from that link, even apart from the SEO benefit.

When you’re mentioned or quoted. If a blog or newspaper mentions you or quotes you, ask them to link to your site. They might not think about it otherwise, but that’s a valuable link that’s just there for the asking.

If you have partners or other organizations you work with. Does your local Chamber of Commerce have a directory of businesses? Ask to have your website included. Are you sponsoring a local charity or event? Ask them to include a link. Are you business partners with other companies? Suggest that they include it on their website.

And don’t just ask for the link. Send them the link you want them to include, where, and what the text should be, to make it very easy to do. It’s a free and easy way to create some links for your site.

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