Kinds of company documents: creating fax communications and advertisement (announcement)

Kinds of company documents: creating fax communications and advertisement (announcement)

While working in the office, workers run into writing a variety of documents. Today, we will speak about two of these: leaving a fax message and composing advertisement.

Fax message as a supply of brief information

FAX is just a general name for a number of documents that directly access the organization, institution, business, and firm by way of a telecommunication connection and a printer. Faxes are written on company forms for outside papers. Making a fax corresponds to the as a type of a business page.

The key needs when it comes to text of this fax are conciseness, simpleness of presentation. The fax consists in one single content, which, after transmission in the unit is kept in the outcome.


  • the name for the document (fax);
  • date;
  • the name for the addressee, the organization that transmits the fax;
  • surname, position of the individual whom finalized the document;
  • the title of this organization together with official – the receiver for the fax;
  • the written text.

The writing for the fax is created without abbreviations.

Sample associated with the fax message

Head of this business Campbell, Steve. Fax (555) 141 1526

On delay in payment for the account number

Dear Mr. Campbell

We remind you about delayed payment associated with the account number? 00.00.98 for the distribution of gear kits “Tech-105i”. It took 10 times when you received an invoice by fax.

According to clause 6.4 regarding the contract?, after 5 banking times the re payment of the belated re payment penalty starts.

We wish you will urgently resolve this dilemma.

Director (signature) Green, Marshal

P.S. For those who have already paid the bill for this reminder, please accept our appreciation.

Placing advertisement of products and services, events (statement)

Announcement is information regarding the future mass event.

  • Details:
  • the name;
  • date;
  • enough time and place associated with the occasion, its title;
  • an insurance policy or a quick declaration regarding the content for the event;
  • addresses and telephone variety of the organization that hosts the event.

Based on the kind of the statement you will find: written, painted, printed in papers, publications. They include posters advertising films, concerts, plays, etc.

In adverts apart from clear language, the significance of this issue, the curiosity for the content, listed here is very important: the writing of words in various fonts, the selection of colors, the symmetry of posting communications, and on radio and television – the full time of communications, quality of pronunciation, originality associated with the composition regarding the text.

Ads are widely utilized in business. You will find organizational and advertising adverts. Organizational aims simply to announce a mass event. Advertisements are encouraged to take part actively or collaborate. Therefore, to be able to visualize the offered services in adverts, graphically allocate verbs. In adverbs (convenient, reliable, fast, qualitative) or perhaps the title for the supplied solution (joinery, wallpapers, add-ons, etc.).

There was practically no believed vocabulary within the organizational advertisement texts. It can be utilized just for the objective of support: “their studies at UHFA is a way to get prestigious professions.” Frequently, a predicate or a subjective and a predicate are taken to the start of a phrase: X company accepts…; Provides…; Preparation courses so you can get ready…

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