Use Twitter Lists to View Information 1

All of us operate in several different worlds at the same time. We may have friends from work, college friends, and many other groups. Luckily, social networks allow an easy way to keep track of everything going on in each different world. In this post, we’ll look at how Twitterers can use lists to monitor certain topics or groups of people.

Twitter’s lists are perhaps the most effective for keeping track of what people are saying about you. Just under the text box on the Twitter website is a drop down menu Lists, with three options, Lists by you, Lists you follow, and Lists following you. Under Lists by you, there is an option to Create a list. Maybe you want to create a list of competitors to keep track of what they are saying or doing. In that case, you could add all your competitors to that list, make it either public or private, and put all your rivals there. Then, just click on the list and you can see everything they have posted. If other people have created public lists of your field, you can follow their lists as well. This makes it convenient to keep tabs on them.

Another use for Twitter lists might be if you want to keep tabs on what your employees are saying. Just add them all to a list. You can even make it public as a way to promote the company. If you ever want to see what they are thinking (or if they are tweeting instead of working), just click the link. Now, keeping track of people’s tweets will be so much quicker.

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