Talk to your customers! 3

Why do your customers buy from you?

It’s easy to assume that they see things the way you do but in fact, that’s often not the case. You might think that a product’s features are the key reason someone buys your product but they might just see you as the most reliable option. In general, customers look for the benefits they gain, rather than the features of your product and as per one of the qualities they also admire is transparency as to how much is the company willing to share with them.

As a business-owner, you might emphasize the adaptability of online ads but your customer might just not be interested and might care much more about the ROI. If you advertise your features, rather than what the customers sees as benefits, you’ll be missing out on sales. So make sure you ask your customers, and then actually listen to them.

With my own business, I recently faced that issue with a client. I kept pushing her to get started and just wasn’t listening when she said that she wanted a better web presence. For her, a good-looking website was even more important than whether she got new customers today or several weeks from now. If I hadn’t listened, I would have lost myself a client. Instead, though, I listened to her and things are going well. It took a little longer but the end result was much better.

When you talk to your customers, you’ll be able to find what they actually need and want, saving you the time and money of trying to address issues they don’t care about or advertise around features rather than benefits. So before embarking on a big, new ad campaign, talk to your customers and learn what matters to them.

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