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Do I look stressed?

I’ve been thinking more and more about the work place. How much stress, disease and marital problems have been rightly attributed to the long commutes, uneasily digested meeting lunches and the socially always “on” state of the workplace? It seems to me…a LOT.

Since making the switch to a good 3G smartphone (this is not a plug for iPhone, but yes I love mine), I’ve been getting out of the office more and into leisurely stays at restaurants, taking in the backyard more and doing more of everything I never had time for before.

What changed? Well, I did. I don’t waste time in front of the PC now, sitting for 8 hours trying to do what my smartphone will inspire me to delegate within seconds.

I spend time online from wherever I am now, when i absolutely need to, and only for minutes at a time, not hours.

I can even write posts or new content remotely now, so why go back to an office desk? I can write this post from a lawn chair sipping an ice cold green tea or a Maitai…so why wouldn’t I?

The future is going to either get better for you (mobile) or you’re going to say no to all that and kill yourself with stress and self-resentment, resentment towards your work, even towards your own company. Work and personal should dovetail, and always in favor of the latter.

You can have it both ways, if you’re smart enough to use available resources and really want to be free from the 9 to 5. Your best work awaits. More importantly, so does your life…Just do it.

[Written and scheduled entirely from my iPhone with the help of the WordPress app and Dragon Dictation.]

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