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Target Google Ads by Time 1

Google AdWords offers excellent controls for advertising to ensure that you get the most value for your money. One way to do that is with setting times under ad scheduling. Google AdWords enables you to set the time for when you want ads to run. For many people, this might not seem very important, but it can be actually very useful.

Make It Easy for Visitors to Take Action 9

If you are buying ads, you probably want something out of it. In most cases, you will be selling a product, and you want people who click on your ad to buy the product. So make it easy by pointing them in the right direction.

Are You Wasting AdWords Budget? 1


You may not be using the beaker from high school, but be sure to test your ads to make sure that they are performing at their best. Decide on a few metrics to measure (probably click-through rate and conversion rate), and see what happens when you try different things. If you lower the cost-per-click bid, […]