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Brands Delivered Like Drugs 3

When the delivery guy shows up, invariably, he is suspicious looking. I don’t mean that he looks suspicious to me…he’s the delivery guy, I figure I know his basic story with regard to me as the customer. I mean I feel like I’m a suspect of some kind, or crazy, perhaps, for being the only guy in my neighborhood that orders pizza on a Monday night. So anyway, not a great feeling right there for the customer.

Review: Become a Rainmaker in Sales 1

In the sea of books available on the topic of sales, finding a starting point for diving into the discipline of sales can be tough.  I’ve ready many books on sales technique, methodology, and style as well as numerous books not tied directly to sales but key to understanding the art of sales through creating […]

10 Tips for Sales Success in 2011 2


Are you giving yourself a chance to be successful?
Whoa there Sport. Don’t answer so fast. I happen to know that in general, sales people, business owners, and most people in general don’t actually give themselves an honest chance to be successful – many rely on dumb luck, charm, a “get it done” attitude, […]

The Most Effective Resolution for 2011 4


Simply match your goals and intentions with your daily actions and you will achieve whatever version of success you desire.
Happy New Year!
(Image by David Reece)
About Justin McCullough
Justin McCullough is mentor, marketer and leader with more than 10 years of selling experience from startups to large corporations. Justin’s experience ranges from advertising agencies to newspapers […]

Empathy: A Business Issue? (Review) 10


The Empathic Civilization: The Race to Global Consciousness in a World in Crisis (Amazon affiliate link), by respected futurist Jeremy Rifkin, crosses genres, geographies, and historical epochs to create one of the most encompassing treatises you’re likely to come across from a modern author. Though the book offers insights for many audiences, it may be […]

Flourish or Fail by The Halo Sale 5


In the sale of every product and service, there lies within it, the halo sale. The halo sale is an extension of the “Halo Effect” which says we have a flawed bias to be influenced by our perception of a trait and apply that bias to the perception of other traits. Wikipedia shows […]

10 Points From A Sales Professional 9


We are the collection of our experience, perception, and actions. I’d like to think we are all open minded and interested in learning. Post Thanksgiving, I decided to dial in on a few things that resonate with me and define me in some intangible ways. Take this as an open work-in-progress on […]

The Untold Truth About Great Sales People. 2


It’s possible that everything you have learned about sales is worthless. This is especially true if you think sales is only about: Rapport Building, Closing Techniques, and Objection Handling.
The best sales people consistently do three things:

Display confidence.
Exude passion.
Clearly show performance.

That’s it. Everything else is selling skill, but NOT the answer to […]

Proof You Are a Dumb Salesman 2


In front of a group of business leaders and small business owners I ran a quick poll of the attendees by asking them to introduce themselves and why they were attending the group presentation I was leading.
One response, in particular, caught my attention.
“What brought you here today?” I repeated to the next person, a […]