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Share the social media wealth.

Spread Your Social Capital 15

The notion of scarcity is the primary obstacle in a recession, and at the same time, its antidote, sharing of capital, is social media’s primary strength and modus operandi. Put simply, the way up is from here.

Are You a Flash in the Pan? 7

Is your new widget or manual the next big thing? How long will that last? Then what? Dreaming ahead can be a great way to save yourself heartache and burnout. Visualize how your product can become an unending proposition, not a flash in the pan.

Your Social Presence Sucks 2


I want to tell you something. Please listen to this.

You’ve taken the time to get yourself on all the popular networks:

Linked In

You even updated your:

Google Profile

…And you’ve got a website and blog or both.  You’re actively engaged with people and your just tweeting and facebooking away, making all those high quality, authentic connects you […]

Weakness Turnaround 2

When it comes to sales, tactics are plentiful and it’s easy to follow someone else’s suggestions on tactics.  This approach works and it is especially effective for fundamental sales tactics, but it can also fall apart when it comes to your individual style.
Lets reflect on you for a moment on your weakness and how you […]

Like vs Trust 3


The rather old school idea of having people like you as a part of your selling skill has changed. While humans will always consider who they like they will no longer allow this to be the deciding factor.
Why? Because buyers want homeruns and shortcuts. They want problems to go away. They want […]

Being a Sellout 6

The unknowing peers, fans, pundits, and friends tell us when we’ve sold out.  They will tell us on the streets, on the phones, in email, online and everywhere else.
They are all wrong.
“You’re on Myspace! Dude, what are you, a 12 year old girl?”
That’s what my friend of 25 years said several years ago when I […]

The Invincible Boom 8

The internet as a social force is poorly understood. Only 15 years ago, commentators pooh-poohed the potential of the internet. Even now, many expect a completely web-enabled global society to be largely similar to what came before.
It’s not the same.
Geography, costs, and information scarcity used to enable small cliques to gain power and influence over […]

Pre-Call Planning w/ Social Media 5


In sales, the smartest thing you can do is pre-plan your sales call. No matter how much experience you have, no matter how many times you’ve pitched your products, no matter what your attempts-to-close ratio is, pre-call planning is a must.
With pre-call planning you study up on the prospect, their current efforts, how they […]