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Move People Up the Ladder of Engagement 1

Last time, we went over the idea of a Ladder of Engagement and how it might be applied online. It’s easy to adopt a traditional sales focus and use all your efforts getting customers aware of what you are doing and to buy your product, without devoting any attention to where they go after they […]

Target Ads for Better ROI 2

It is simple to turn on Google AdWords and never bother with location targeting but you may be throwing money away. If you run a physical business, think about where your customers are coming from. If your company ships products, where can you send them? Even if you sell something digital like music or ebooks, […]

Target Google Ads by Time 1

Google AdWords offers excellent controls for advertising to ensure that you get the most value for your money. One way to do that is with setting times under ad scheduling. Google AdWords enables you to set the time for when you want ads to run. For many people, this might not seem very important, but it can be actually very useful.

Ladder of Engagement

Does the Sales Funnel Still Apply Online? 2

Traditional businesses often refer to sales funnels, the process by which people become customers or repeat customers. No one starts out buying your product. Instead, they start as random people; you need to move them through the sales funnel. Start by making them aware of your company, then get them interested in what you are […]

Please the Panda by Focusing on Humans 1


Most people doing search engine optimization emphasize gaming Google’s system with various tricks like over-repeating the same keywords or phrases, misleading titles (or even image names), and then covering the page with ads to make money off people before they leave. Google’s Panda algorithm update smacked those strategies down. Recent announcements make clear that their […]

It’s Not All About You 1

You know the person in your social group who always talks about themselves. At a party, they’ll brag about what they’ve done. At a picnic, they’ll talk about their accomplishments. In a more humble moment, they’ll ask what you think of them. Everybody finds those people annoying. So if you really want to get the most out of social media’s potential for networking and socializing, don’t be one of those people on social media tools like Twitter and Facebook.

Make It Easy for Visitors to Take Action 9

If you are buying ads, you probably want something out of it. In most cases, you will be selling a product, and you want people who click on your ad to buy the product. So make it easy by pointing them in the right direction.

Use Twitter Lists to View Information 1


All of us operate in several different worlds at the same time. We may have friends from work, college friends, and many other groups. Luckily, social networks allow an easy way to keep track of everything going on in each different world. In this post, we’ll look at how Twitterers can use lists to monitor […]

The Future of Work 1

I’ve been thinking more and more about the work place. How much stress, disease and marital problems have been rightly attributed to the long commutes, uneasily digested meeting lunches and the socially always “on” state of the workplace? It seems to me…a LOT.
Since making the switch to a good 3G smartphone (this is not a […]

Are You Wasting AdWords Budget? 1


You may not be using the beaker from high school, but be sure to test your ads to make sure that they are performing at their best. Decide on a few metrics to measure (probably click-through rate and conversion rate), and see what happens when you try different things. If you lower the cost-per-click bid, […]