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10 Mistakes Smart Sales People Make 4


As sales people, there are many things we take for granted as professionals. We spend a lot of time learning, evolving, and revising our approach and we often forget some of the basics because we assume we have them locked in. Consider this a dose of common sense to get you back in gear and […]

Proof You Are a Dumb Salesman 2


In front of a group of business leaders and small business owners I ran a quick poll of the attendees by asking them to introduce themselves and why they were attending the group presentation I was leading.
One response, in particular, caught my attention.
“What brought you here today?” I repeated to the next person, a […]

Poor Rapport, You Have it? 6

Rapport is overrated, underachieved, and misrepresented in the field. Every day.
Rapport is defined as a relationship of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people. Most folks are trained to “develop rapport” on their sales calls. By definition, for rapport you must have:

Selfish Won’t Cut It in Social Media 4


In June, I wrote an article about How to Sell with Social Media. In it, I mentioned that you should serve others, acknowledge when people are talking to you and help solve little problems. Are you doing that already? I mean, are you already helping people in the real world? Are […]

Your Social Presence Sucks 2


I want to tell you something. Please listen to this.

You’ve taken the time to get yourself on all the popular networks:

Linked In

You even updated your:

Google Profile

…And you’ve got a website and blog or both.  You’re actively engaged with people and your just tweeting and facebooking away, making all those high quality, authentic connects you […]

Weakness Turnaround 2

When it comes to sales, tactics are plentiful and it’s easy to follow someone else’s suggestions on tactics.  This approach works and it is especially effective for fundamental sales tactics, but it can also fall apart when it comes to your individual style.
Lets reflect on you for a moment on your weakness and how you […]

Like vs Trust 3


The rather old school idea of having people like you as a part of your selling skill has changed. While humans will always consider who they like they will no longer allow this to be the deciding factor.
Why? Because buyers want homeruns and shortcuts. They want problems to go away. They want […]

Prospects That Suck 1


Ever have a prospect that needed more (time, materials, meetings, phone calls, etc)? Those prospects seem to suck (the life out of you) and you can’t afford to give your limited sales time to those types of prospects.
Successful sales people have a clear picture of their ideal customer and know what they look like, the […]