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How to Expand Your Social Network 5


One of the most common questions those who are new to social media have is: How do I develop my network? The good news is that it’s easier than you think because you’re already part of many social circles. Expanding is as easy as starting with the intention of growing.
One of the core principles is […]

Are You Thankful for Positive Social Media? 5

People respond to positivity. The Dalai Lama, confirmed by science, notes that people are more inclined to be open to others who are smiling. And our own mood rises measurably when we choose to smile.
I’ve learned some tough lessons in this regard in the past couple of weeks. My last couple of posts here were […]

The Perfect Response to Objections 12

To anyone who has ever read the book The Go-Giver (Burg & Mann) they know there is a section where Debra Davenport, Realtor newbie turned superstar is talking about her first year of real estate sales and all the sales training she received. In the book, Debra has a riff and names a closing […]

Poor Rapport, You Have it? 6

Rapport is overrated, underachieved, and misrepresented in the field. Every day.
Rapport is defined as a relationship of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people. Most folks are trained to “develop rapport” on their sales calls. By definition, for rapport you must have:

Weakness Turnaround 2

When it comes to sales, tactics are plentiful and it’s easy to follow someone else’s suggestions on tactics.  This approach works and it is especially effective for fundamental sales tactics, but it can also fall apart when it comes to your individual style.
Lets reflect on you for a moment on your weakness and how you […]

Prospects That Suck 1


Ever have a prospect that needed more (time, materials, meetings, phone calls, etc)? Those prospects seem to suck (the life out of you) and you can’t afford to give your limited sales time to those types of prospects.
Successful sales people have a clear picture of their ideal customer and know what they look like, the […]

Sell From the Inside 2

Justin McCullough discusses the basics of how to get into the mind of the prospect and sell from the prospect’s perspective. A useful, brief introduction for anyone considering going into the field of sales or who needs to troubleshoot problem areas in the pitch.

SEO: Why Do-Follow Blog Comments? 16

Many overlook the power of comment love from blogs ( like this one! ) who provide do-follow rel tags on all of our post links and comment links. While comment spam is understood by most blog owners to be bad, many are starting blogs without any conception of why they should provide do-follow rel tags on comments (and posts!). As someone who’s been knee-deep into SEO since well BEFORE Google, I’ll enumerate them briefly…

Taking Questions is Not Selling 3

I recently observed a sales rep engage in a few sales calls. Not just one, but a few and I was surprised to find that he wasn’t selling at all. He took calls, inbound calls, and answered questions. That’s it. No selling.
One round of dialogue went something like this: “Yes it does that. No […]