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Twitter really isn’t as simple as it looks. If you’re just posting your content links alone, you’re missing the big picture. Delve into the posts on Twitter to discover how Twitter can effectively boost your communications and bolster your message and brand.

5 Useful SEO Resources 1

Lately, the idea of internet marketing has somehow become very popular again. Hurray!
This is thanks in part to the popularity of new media. People today have started using it search for everything they once only searched on the search engines. This has caused everyone to refer to a more classically-envisioned the modelof internet marketing which […]

Engagement vs. Fooling Around 17

Social media superheroes are great for getting attention to your cause. Are you employing them as much as you should? And more importantly, are you measuring the results towards improving your strategies?

The Invincible Boom 8

The internet as a social force is poorly understood. Only 15 years ago, commentators pooh-poohed the potential of the internet. Even now, many expect a completely web-enabled global society to be largely similar to what came before.
It’s not the same.
Geography, costs, and information scarcity used to enable small cliques to gain power and influence over […]

How to Sell with Social Media 6

With social media, the old expression “always be closing” has been revised to “always be disclosing”.  Now you share your skill set, contacts, attitude and experience in an open forum allowing you to create new contacts, develop leads, and win the minds of others.  This is powerful for sales people and speaks to the growing […]