The SEO Instinct 19

It’s here…the little content strategy oriented SEO book that will eventually change how many people think about SEO. SEOs have known it was coming even though most of them probably have never heard of my name. Content-driven SEO was destined to arrive on the shores of the New SEO World. This New SEO World is the one we all wanted. And here is a book that guides the path.

In case you haven’t heard yet, I’m soft-launching this new SEO book just to prove the power of the mediums involved in their own rite and to allow me to better demonstrate various aspects of the dynamics of the principles I wrote about in the book. SEO, social push, and Amazon’s own natural dynamics.

We don’t even offer this book directly as yet, but in it you’ll find everything a self-respecting COO or marketing head should already know about content strategy in relation to SEO. Mosey on over to Amazon now by clicking the book image to get your sample. Soon the book will go on Countdown promotion where you’ll be able to get it on sale from the full retail price. Don’t wait too long if you want to catch it while it’s still below full price! 🙂

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