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The Untold Truth About Great Sales People. 2


It’s possible that everything you have learned about sales is worthless. This is especially true if you think sales is only about: Rapport Building, Closing Techniques, and Objection Handling.
The best sales people consistently do three things:

Display confidence.
Exude passion.
Clearly show performance.

That’s it. Everything else is selling skill, but NOT the answer to […]

Are You a Flash in the Pan? 7

Is your new widget or manual the next big thing? How long will that last? Then what? Dreaming ahead can be a great way to save yourself heartache and burnout. Visualize how your product can become an unending proposition, not a flash in the pan.

Static Vs. Social Brands 10

Many corporations and organizations still don’t really get social media, perhaps because they are operating in a former mode that denies social media realities. Many organizations, on the other hand, are using new media to connect in a with the public in a positive manner. Mostly, however, this doesn’t go beyond having a profile on […]