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Move People Up the Ladder of Engagement 1

Last time, we went over the idea of a Ladder of Engagement and how it might be applied online. It’s easy to adopt a traditional sales focus and use all your efforts getting customers aware of what you are doing and to buy your product, without devoting any attention to where they go after they […]

Are You a Human Commercial? 7

It seems odd to need to point it out, but authenticity isn’t easily attributed. It’s generally earned. So why do people out there still push their cause or products as if they’re making a hard-sell tv commercial?

Respecting Boundaries in Social Media 4

Where does the line between private and public in social media finally fall after all the hype and hoopla are settled? I’m betting that the longer you’ve been on social media, the more likely you are to draw a line hard in the sand.

Facebook Angst 1

You knew it would happen. The day all your “cool” friends from back in the day discover Facebook and actually jump on board. Now what?
If you’re smart, you won’t become a different person or go back in time, but keep being true to whatever is right about you now and keep building on what is […]

FB Alternative Funded by Zuckerberg? 3

For whatever reason, Facebook now wants to be known as the social media forum you can’t, and really shouldn’t, trust with your personal information. A little late in the game to show your crazy face to millions and millions of adoring users? Not for Zuckerberg and company! Now Zuckerberg has recently announced that he has […]