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Stunt Vs. Vision 4

Everyone has a trick. That correlates to views in social media often enough. Awesome. But where does it lead after the trick is done?
Some companies make a stunt into their vision by riding a commercial gimmick into the sunset and grabbing all the business they can along the way. Little Caesar’s tried that in the […]

Price leaves a brand only one leg left to stand on.

Inception Marketing 4

In Inception, the protagonists seek to use high technology to manipulate the subconscious minds of their targets by creating believable dreams.
Internet marketers lack the invasive and advanced ability to actually invade someone’s brain yet, but the film illustrates a basic concept of marketing as old as modern commerce itself.
The main subplot centers around a single, seemingly intractable […]

You’re Doing It Wrong! 17

Sounds quite snarky, doesn’t it? It kind of makes you want to punch the “guru” right in the face, right? After all, how can anyone be so naive as to assume that they know every situation in which it would be “wrong” to do it this way or that? Only a complete simpleton would be […]

You're doing it wrong!

Supply & Demand in Marketing Strategy 3

When it comes to designing a marketing strategy, it’s easy to fall into herd behavior.
If all your competitors are focusing on search engine marketing and you’ve read a dozen books about it, then the marginal advantage to your company for following that strategy will be less than it would be otherwise.
Strategy may be an intangible […]

Advertising is Education 2

Advertising is usually portrayed as something that drains brainpower rather than augments it. Science fiction authors like Phillip K. Dick were obsessed with painting dystopian futures like those portrayed in Blade Runner and Minority Report in which the average person was regularly assaulted with incessant advertising messages that prevented them from focusing on anything…

Being a Sellout 6

The unknowing peers, fans, pundits, and friends tell us when we’ve sold out.  They will tell us on the streets, on the phones, in email, online and everywhere else.
They are all wrong.
“You’re on Myspace! Dude, what are you, a 12 year old girl?”
That’s what my friend of 25 years said several years ago when I […]

Analytics: Pushing Readers’ Buttons 7

Last week I posted a saucy post with a photo of an attractivish bare-legged woman giving a presentation to a group of also-pantless colleagues. I included a title that used the word “sexy” and the popular tag “NSFW.” Friends dropped their jaws. Strangers lined up to get in…and guess what? People started stumbling the site […]

Social Media: K.I.S.S. 6

Most of us have a tendency to overthink. We spend a lot of time reading about the latest and greatest–stories of amazing feats of expertise and endurance, tales of unparalleled cleverness and creativity–and it makes us strain and struggle to come up with the next great thing. We all want to arrive with dignity after having invented an elegant new solution, to have raised the standard for civilized discourse, to leave behind a corpus of groundbreaking work.


The Invincible Boom 8

The internet as a social force is poorly understood. Only 15 years ago, commentators pooh-poohed the potential of the internet. Even now, many expect a completely web-enabled global society to be largely similar to what came before.
It’s not the same.
Geography, costs, and information scarcity used to enable small cliques to gain power and influence over […]