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Minecraft’s Winning Social Strategy 8

I’ve got some quick questions for loyal Marcana readers.
Which popular independent video game focused on mining and building sold over 500,000 copies?
What was the size of its budget for marketing and advertising?
The answer to the first question is Minecraft. The answer to the second is $0.
By any measure, Minecraft – a simple, independent game mostly […]

The Matrix Bleeds Into Reality 3

Lessons from the virtual worlds have begun to seep into mass consciousness. What began as a niche pursuit for nerds looking for an escape from drudgery has begun to leak into the real world.
Google, Facebook, and other major companies already track, measure, and utilize a large portion of the data on consumer behavior pulsing through […]

The Invincible Boom 8

The internet as a social force is poorly understood. Only 15 years ago, commentators pooh-poohed the potential of the internet. Even now, many expect a completely web-enabled global society to be largely similar to what came before.
It’s not the same.
Geography, costs, and information scarcity used to enable small cliques to gain power and influence over […]

Linchpinning Off a Steep Cliff 8

The dangers of mandatory linchpinning as part of a ‘business strategy’ are many. As JC Hewitt opines, being a linchpin, if not kept within bounds, can become the downfall of a company, instead of the intended saving grace that Seth Godin envisioned.

What Makes a Company Valuable? 11

Many companies consider that most of their strength comes from their brand. But traditional branding has come under criticism. It used to be possible to label a commodity like potato chips with a brand name strengthened by television, print, and radio advertising and mark up the products considerably. Generating that brand strength is no longer as easy as it used to be. And it’s impossible to measure.

FB Alternative Funded by Zuckerberg? 3

For whatever reason, Facebook now wants to be known as the social media forum you can’t, and really shouldn’t, trust with your personal information. A little late in the game to show your crazy face to millions and millions of adoring users? Not for Zuckerberg and company! Now Zuckerberg has recently announced that he has […]