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Supply & Demand in Marketing Strategy 3

When it comes to designing a marketing strategy, it’s easy to fall into herd behavior.
If all your competitors are focusing on search engine marketing and you’ve read a dozen books about it, then the marginal advantage to your company for following that strategy will be less than it would be otherwise.
Strategy may be an intangible […]

Taking Questions is Not Selling 3

I recently observed a sales rep engage in a few sales calls. Not just one, but a few and I was surprised to find that he wasn’t selling at all. He took calls, inbound calls, and answered questions. That’s it. No selling.
One round of dialogue went something like this: “Yes it does that. No […]

Are You Following the Right Blogs? 3

Ranking digital communications skills, the ability to collect information is near the top. And blogs are near the top of ways to collect information. Of course, you have a few choices these days when it comes to blogs.</understatement> Recent stats suggest the Internet now offers somewhere north of 100 million of them to […]

Social Media Communications Strategy: Evaluating Blogs