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The Perfect Response to Objections 12

To anyone who has ever read the book The Go-Giver (Burg & Mann) they know there is a section where Debra Davenport, Realtor newbie turned superstar is talking about her first year of real estate sales and all the sales training she received. In the book, Debra has a riff and names a closing […]

Poor Rapport, You Have it? 6

Rapport is overrated, underachieved, and misrepresented in the field. Every day.
Rapport is defined as a relationship of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people. Most folks are trained to “develop rapport” on their sales calls. By definition, for rapport you must have:

Prospects That Suck 1


Ever have a prospect that needed more (time, materials, meetings, phone calls, etc)? Those prospects seem to suck (the life out of you) and you can’t afford to give your limited sales time to those types of prospects.
Successful sales people have a clear picture of their ideal customer and know what they look like, the […]

No Room for Feet in Social Media 4


“If I could just get a foot in the door”. I know you’ve heard that before – you may even have said it yourself. This popular and often misunderstood sales expression is not sage advice.
There is no room for feet in social media.
See the expression “foot in the door” came about during the times of […]

How to Sell with Social Media 6

With social media, the old expression “always be closing” has been revised to “always be disclosing”.  Now you share your skill set, contacts, attitude and experience in an open forum allowing you to create new contacts, develop leads, and win the minds of others.  This is powerful for sales people and speaks to the growing […]