The Power of Endurance 3

Brands are shaped by user experience.

Whatever we do, one thing seems to trump all other virtues, in marketing as in other areas of life: endurance. Be it career-building, fighting for a cause that matters to you, or building lasting brand equity, if what you do can be sustained because it has levels and compartments left to be explored, then it can be carried through to yet another day, another month, another year. With marketing, it may require looking at what you put out at the end of one product life cycle and asking yourself: did this do what we hoped/needed/yearned for? If not, why not? Was there something missing, or was the audience (also read: the need) just not there?

Using the tools of analytics and temperature gauging, a lot can be learned about your audience and what they are or are not resonating with in your brand. This has implications far beyond sales and marketing and can delve into supplementing R&D and facets of PR and credit with the public, which contains the customer base itself.

Social media has a lot to learn from branding yet, even though the rules are somewhat different, they aren’t that different. Brands still emerge and compete for niche dominance. Sometimes they become their own niche by virtue of the culture they foster around themselves. All social media brands require persistence to endure and to grow and evolve yet another day. Not every day is one of inspiration, as Thomas Edison’s famous quote runs, 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Such is the life of a great social media brand.

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